City Velo bike shop now open

The Denver-based bike shop City Velo is now open in Linden Hills, and it’s popping cyclists into a machine that can measure the precise fit they need in a bike. The technology finds a cyclist’s ideal position based on body build, flexibility, riding intent and medical issues.

“Even if you don’t buy a bike from us … you can leave with your numbers, and we’ll help you figure out, ‘What’s my size?'” said Manager Randy Fox. Fox has worked in the bike business nearly 38 years, and he agreed to relocate here from Florida to open the shop — he said he was bored with the Florida weather anyway.

Customers are free to test-ride the shop’s bikes for half an hour, or even half a day.

“It’s the only way to know how it will perform,” Fox said. “You can take that scary corner on your weekly loop ride.”

He said the shop’s Italian bike brands include Colnago (a company that builds bikes for champion cyclists), Cipollini (created by the suave sprinter Mario Cipollini, City Velo is the only dealer within seven states), and Casati (hand-built in Italy). Other brands include Giant, a company that makes its own carbon fiber; and Argonaut, a Seattle-based builder that takes uses its aeronautical engineering community to access tools that cut carbon fiber.

City Velo includes a full service center with competitive rates and ultrasonic cleaning. Bikes at City Velo start at $1,100; the FitCycle measurements are currently on an opening special for $75. The shop also carries high-quality Italian clothing and shoes.

“You get what you pay for,” Fox said.