Green cleaning company has new home

WHITTIER — The fast-growing Happy Earth Cleaning Service has a new home below the Lyndale Tap House at 2937 Lyndale Ave. S., stamped with fresh artwork by the Power of Vision Mural Project.

About 10 young artistsled by hip hop musicianChaka Mkali worked all night to finish the bright indoor mural before the open house in March. 

“All our employees have been caught staring at it at one time or another,” said staffer Jesse Dunbar, who was happy to see his cat sketched in one of the branches.

Dunbar said his wife Marion is an “eco geek” who founded the company after working at Starbucks, where her eye for detail earned her store high marks for cleanliness.

“She had one of the highest scores in the state,” he said.

The company even sent her to other stores before they were audited, to improve standards of cleanliness.

So when it came to picking her next career move, a cleaning business seemed like a natural fit. Even the company’s title came naturally, Dunbar said.

“We each wrote down some names and we came to the same name independently,” he said.

Launched in 2010, the business grew to the point where a dozen people were crowding into the Dunbars’ home each day, and they decided it was time to find office space within walking distance.

Happy Earth uses nontoxic, eco-friendly cleaning products, and it plans to develop its own product line in the coming year. Due to a partnership with Do Good Diaper Service, many clients are first-time parents.

“We’re not just cleaning houses, we’re caring for someone’s biggest investment,” Dunbar said. “We’re conscious about that right people are giving us.”