Vintage store, tattoo shop open on Lyndale

WHITTIER — Lyndale Avenue has a couple of new neighbors: the vintage shop Rewind at 2207 Lyndale Ave. S. and Mpls Tattoo at 2211 Lyndale Ave. S.

Two weeks before opening, the tattoo shop was soundproofing the ceiling to muffle late-night music. Loud music might become common — co-owner Jessie Farmer plays in the band Sick of Sarah, and she previously performed with Babesin Toyland.

“We live two blocks away,” said co-owner Nikki Time, who relocated here from Portland. “There is great foot traffic here. I saw that sign go up and thought, ‘We’ve got to have that spot.'”

Mpls Tattoo features private studio rooms and an interior design that’s heavy on reused metal and wood. The wall coverings were dug out of three feet of snow, and the chairs were reused from a Hastings steamboat.

Two doors down, Rewind has relocated to Lyndale from 48th & Chicago. The shop continues to operate a second location in Northeast at 2829 Johnson St. NE, stocking vintage and contemporary clothing for women and men.

The shops bookend the Action Center for Tibet. The center raises awareness about self-immolation in Tibet, a tally that now runs over 100 people. According to the group’s Facebook page, the center sought the most high-traffic storefront possible to serve as a billboard for the cause. Starting in December, it ran videos 24 hours a day for passersby to see. The Action Center is a temporary, volunteer-run effort funded by donations.