Specialty donut shop opening next to Black Forest Inn

WHITTIER — Inspired by late-night donut shops on the west coast, Teresa Fox and Arwyn Birch are opening one of their own next to the Black Forest Inn.

Glam Doll Donuts aims  to open Feb. 1 at 2605 Nicollet Ave., offering Intelligentsia Coffeeand more than 20 different donuts every day. The shop will remain open until 2 a.m., perhaps later.

Fox said she and Birch often vacation in Seattle and Portland, where they first came across the donut shop concept they’re adopting.

“We stood in line at 1:30 in the morning for a half-hour to get a donut,” Fox said. “Minneapolis totally needs something like this.”

Fox said the owners are combining all of their passions for music, vintage clothing and food into one shop. Birch is a clothing designer, and she is making all the staff’s dresses. Fox previously worked at Universal Music Group and worked in restaurants for several years. Her grandma always made donuts, she said, and she collected many of the shop’s recipes from her family.

“We’re taking a classic donut and putting a little bit of a twist on it,” she said. “The icing is made with real vanilla bean. It amps up the flavor a little bit.”

The store won’t serve alcohol, and initially it will open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Walking into the store will feel like a step into the 40s or 50s, Fox said. Patrons will watch the donut-making and decorating underway.

“We’re mixing a 50s look with a coffee shop of today,” she said.