New podcast for parents

THE WEDGE — The co-founder of Comedy Suitcase at Bryant-Lake Bowl has launched a weekly podcast called “Pratfalls of Parenting.”

In each podcast, Levi Weinhagen interviews artists and creative workers about “the relationship between being a maker of cool stuff and being a parent.”

Weinhagen said the podcast was born out of conversations with other actor and artist parents. They commiserated about juggling responsibilities, and agreed that children dramatically changed their world view. 

“I enjoy the conversation,” Weinhagen said. “I realized that my parenting has an impact of the kind of work I do.”

Twenty-six interviews to date have netted plenty of entertaining insight. 

From entertainer Jena Young: “If you criticize my parenting, I will fight you.”

From comedy writer Tim Wick: “When is the right time to show my kids Raiders of the Lost Ark?”

From writer Susannah Shouweiler: “I feel like I’m sucking at everything.”

From musician Sean Roderick, of the band Wolff Jabbr: “What’s the harm in showing to your child by example — why the hell not do something that you love?”

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