New Broders’ wine bar could open by March

LYNNHURST — The Broders’ restaurant moving in to Pierre’s Bistro doesn’t have a name yet — but the owners can tell you it will be Italian, it will stay open later in the evening, and it could arrive as soon as March. 

“We want it to be a cozy neighborhood space that everyone is going to love to come to,” said President Molly Broder. 

This location at 2221 W. 50th St. won’t have a pasta focus, unlike Broders’ Pasta Bar, and it will function as a full-service restaurant, unlike the deli. Staff envision an expanded version of the Broders’ patio menu, with small plates, wine by the glass and tap beer. They are renovating the restaurant to expose natural wooden posts and provide more open kitchen space.

Broders’ wasn’t looking for a new restaurant location, but the family-owned business seized the opportunity when it arose. 

“I was talking to Pierre one day and he mentioned he had the place for sale,” Broder said. “Within two weeks, we had it.”