Construction wraps up on Nicollet

NICOLLET — Construction is now finished on Nicollet Avenue between Lake and 36th streets, to the relief of area businesses. 

Eric Silverman, co-owner of Twin City Tattoo at 3131 Nicollet Ave., said the construction season was “miserable,” as access to his business was nearly completely blocked. 

“We’re still here; come on back,” he said.

The Lyndale Neighborhood Association reported that businesses saw a summertime drop in sales that ranged from 40-90 percent.

To help boost customer traffic, LNA created the “Live Nicollet” campaign, which awards points and prizes for activities such as “liking” the campaign on Facebook or patronizing Nicollet shops between Lake and 36th. The contest runs through Dec. 1.

LNA reported that Nicollet Avenue’s foundation was close to 100 years old. It hadn’t been repaved since 1977, and it hadn’t seen any major work since the bricks and streetcar tracks were covered up in 1954. The rehabbed street features new bus shelters, countdown timers at stop lights, a left turn lane at 36th Street, and a few more parking spaces.

Construction on Nicollet will resume next spring from 36th-40th Street. 

Alex Jacoby, manager at Pat’s Tap, 3510 Nicollet Ave., said he’s happy construction is over. 

“The road looks great,” he said. “We definitely felt it when the road was closed. But we have a great clientele that comes here, and we survived just fine. … We picked up right where we left off.”