New hat shop on Hennepin

EAST ISLES — The Goorin Bros. hat shop is now open at 2906 1/2 Hennepin Ave. S., the fruit of a two-year Minneapolis site search by the family-owned company. 

“We wanted to be in the Midwest,” said shopkeeper Ashley Foucault. “Our only presence is in Chicago.”

The company has 25 other locations along the East and West Coast, as well as a few southern states. 

Hat prices top out at $150 for a handmade style, and slide down to $25 for a sarcastic cap in the Animal Farm Trucker line. 

“Our styles are anything from ball caps to knits, duckbills, fedoras, top hats or bowlers,” Foucault said. 

The shop recently hosted a party to celebrate a new series of the artist-designed Peekaboo collection, featuring hand-drawn pinup girls hidden inside the hat. 

“They’re kind of sassy and a little bit sexy,” Foucault said. “They were a really big hit.”

On the same block, the shoe shop John Fluevog Minneapolis is also now open at 2900 Hennepin Ave., featuring shoes made exclusively for the new Minneapolis store: Big Presence Davis for women, and Andrew Guardian Angel for men.