Goodwill adding new store on Nicollet

WINDOM — Goodwill is moving fast to expand its reach in Minneapolis, announcing plans to open a second new store at the site of the shuttered Perkins at 6023 Nicollet Ave. 

“This is the first of several stores we are going to open in the Minneapolis area,” said Debbie Ferry, vice president of sales and operations. 

Goodwill recently proposed another two-story store at the 3000 block of Lyndale, the current site of a vacant home and the H Design Salon building. The company is reacting to new city rules allowing more closely spaced secondhand stores. 

The new Windom store would feature walls of glass looking into the sales floor. A driveway would lead to an enclosed drop-off area for donors. Bright lighting would illuminate the parking area and the Nicollet side of the site. 

Developer Stephen Wellington Jr. said Goodwill would strengthen the area’s retail environment.

“It’s important to draw people to that intersection,” he said.

Pending city approval, Goodwill expects to open the store sometime next summer, following the demolition of Perkins and six months of construction.

Windom residents were receptive to the plans at an Oct. 15 board meeting.

“I think this looks great, and it’s going to be welcomed in the neighborhood,” one resident said.