Dessa unveils charitable lipstick line

UPTOWN — Southwest resident Dessa of Doomtree collaborated with Northeast cosmetics shop The Elixery to develop a brick red lipstick released this fall. 

Dessa is donating her cut of the profits to CARE’s Power Within program, which educates girls in the poorest developing countries.

“In college, I wrote my final thesis on the philosophy of Martha Nussbaum,” said Dessa in a press release. “Studying her theories I learned about the surprising consequences of educating girls, consequences which compound and refract through entire societies. Educating women often changes marital age and birthrates, and employed women demonstrate different spending patterns than employed men. Ten years after having studied the philosophy of this stuff, I couldn’t be more excited to actually make a real-world contribution.”

The Elixery formulates and compounds its products in-house, and all of the vegan ingredients are free of animal testing.

According to The Elixery, Dessa wanted a red lipstick that wouldn’t look pink on her golden skin. The end result was a red lipstick with a yellow undertone, designed to be universally flattering.