Local firm did security work for RNC

LYNDALE— The Minneapolis-based EPG Security Group recently returned from the Republican National Convention in Tampa, where staff worked at private beachfront parties and staffed a box suite belonging to House Speaker JohnBoehner. 

“We didn’t have any protesters,” said Erik Bergling, owner and CEO. “The chatter we were following expected a lot more.” 

Staff did become alarmed at one point in the week, however, when a car burst into flames on the road 200 yards ahead of them. Prior to the convention, security heard claims that protestors wanted to shut down Tampa’s many bridges. EPG is responsible for emergency preparedness plans, but none of them were needed. 

Bergling said his crew is accustomed to working around political figures, but he was still jarred by the many personalities that stopped by the forum’s box suite where EPG was handling credentials. 

“There was a 30-second period where I met [former New York Mayor] Rudy Giuliani, [Senator] John McCain, [astronaut] Buzz Aldrin, and [former New York Governor] George Pataki,” Bergling said. “You keep it all inside, until you get back to the hotel.”

EPG provided security for 35 events at the 2008 RNC in St. Paul, which led to work at the inauguration in D.C. and the Tampa convention. But most of EPG’s security work is still local, providing security for venues like Myth, Kieran’s Irish Pub and Graves 601 Hotel. 

You’ll also find EPG on YouTube: staff were present last year when Congresswoman MicheleBachmann was “glitter-bombed.”