Broders’ growing veggies for food bank

FULTON — The team at Broders’ Pasta Bar started a new experiment this year. 

They now volunteer together at a private garden, donating everything they grow to a local food bank.

“It’s a fledgling little brand new project; it’s hard to keep up with it,” said President Molly Broder.

But it’s safe to say the experiment has worked — Broders’ has donated 290 pounds of vegetables to the Greater Lake Country Food Bank. 

“We’ve been bringing things down there twice a week,” Broder said. 

The staff grew a huge list of produce: tomatoes, fresh herbs, lettuces, carrots, cucumbers, summer squash, and more. 

The staff worked with Hands for Harvest, a nonprofit that uses volunteer farmers to grow produce for food shelves.

On her garden blog, Broder said she recently delivered vegetables to the food bank, where all of the vegetables and dairy products are free. She watched some of the shoppers carefully taking stock of the food.

“It felt good to see the end game in this process and know that the effort is worthwhile,” she wrote.