Twin Town Guitars goes solar

CARAG — Twin Town Guitars is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year at 3400 Lyndale Ave. S., and it is also toasting its long-awaited solar panel installation. 

“Theoretically, this will offset 100 percent of our energy needs, or very close to it,” said owner Andrew Bell. 

Twin Town joins a few other area businesses with solar power, such as Pat’s Tap at 3510 Nicollet Ave. and Quality Coaches at 20 W. 38th St. 

“We hope you’ll be seeing way more Minnesota panels,” Bell said. 

Bell said the smarter operation will help Twin Town stay in business for many years to come. 

“My wife and I personally never thought we’d be looking at this place 15 years later,” he said. He credited the success to a loyal following and an excellent crew. 

“They basically make the place,” Bell said. “We’ve been able to reinvent ourselves three or four times over.”

Twin Town made many changes to compound its energy savings. The staff swapped out incandescent lights for compact LEDs, added timers to save electricity, set idling computers in hibernation mode, and installed a new roof.