Postal box stolen in East Isles

A blue USPS collection box was cut away
A blue USPS collection box was cut away and stolen from the corner of 24th & Girard in East Isles Aug. 9. Photo by Andrew Hazzard

On the tree-lined corner of 24th & Girard, there used to be a postal drop-off box.

Today all that remains of the blue collection box are two metal legs, neatly cut with a saw by two thieves who stole the mailbox the afternoon of Sunday, Aug. 9.

The theft happened in the middle of the afternoon, according to MPR News. Jocelyn Frank, an East Isles resident, told MPR she saw two men cut the box from the sidewalk, toss it in the back of a van and drive away.

The United States Postal Service is investigating the incident, according to spokesperson Nicole Hill. The USPS does plan to replace the box swiftly, she said, but there is no official timeline.

Postal Inspector Rachel Williams said that the stealing of a blue collection box “is a rare occurrence and not often attempted.”

A blue USPS collection box was cut away