Southwest neighborhoods secure homes for nightfall

Neighborhood groups and the City of Minneapolis shared the following advice today:

— Stay home after the 8 p.m. curfew.

— Bring in trash bins, recycle bins, lawn furniture, grills, fire pits, propane, or anything else that can be used to start a fire or cause damage. If it’s not possible to put trash bins in a garage, fill them with water. Water down compost bins. Chain up dumpsters. Empty Little Free Libraries and soak wood fences and surfaces.

— Locate all the garden hoses, five-gallon buckets and extinguishers on the block. Test hoses; make sure they are attached to the spigot. Fill buckets of water.

— Charge cell phones. “Cell towers might go out,” the City of Minneapolis wrote in an email this evening. Find alternate ways to communicate with neighbors. Prepare for any power outage.

— Check in with each other, particularly vulnerable neighbors. Consider creating a block text thread. Identify medically-trained people on the block.

— Make plans to stay safe and evacuate if needed, preparing keys and a small bag of essentials, including any medications. Write down several routes to a safe place; GPS may not be available.

— “Neighbors who live close to Lake Street should find a safe place to be outside of their homes,” states advice from the Kingfield and Lyndale neighborhood associations.

— Keep neighbors updated by being as accurate and truthful as possible. Do not exaggerate; do not share uncertain information.

— No racial profiling. Protect BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) neighbors and their families.

— Provide help and support distressed individuals entering neighborhoods; pause before reacting to their presence.

— Stay safe; do not confront anyone. Get license plate numbers of suspicious vehicles. Keep watch from a second floor. Make noise with whistles or noisemakers if strangers approach, so they know a home is occupied.

— If you see someone lighting a fire, protect your own safety, but bang pots, shine lights, activate car alarms or make noise.

— In case of emergency, fire hydrants can be opened with pipe wrenches to fill buckets.

— Place vehicles in locked garages.

— Remove sharp tools, or anything that can be used as a weapon or thrown through a window.

— Turn on exterior lights.

— Lock gates and doors.

— Look out for one another.

— For information related to 911 dispatch and other safety suggestions, visit

Source: Bryn Mawr, Kingfield, Lyndale, Armatage, East Isles and ECCO neighborhood associations; City of Minneapolis

How to help during the daytime:

— With the loss of neighborhood grocery stores and other damage, food will be needed, according to the City of Minneapolis. Reach out to food shelves.

— Clean up business corridors.

— George Floyd’s memorial fund:

— Lake Street Council fundraiser:

Source: Bryn Mawr and Lowry Hill East neighborhood associations, City of Minneapolis, Lake Street Council