School Board District 2 voter’s guide: KerryJo Felder faces Sharon El-Amin

School Board District 2

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In a district that covers North Minneapolis, first-term incumbent KerryJo Felder faces a challenge from an active North Side community member and former Minneapolis Public Schools parent and business owner, Sharon El-Amin.

District 2

Felder, an education organizer with the Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation, positions herself as a champion of North Minneapolis schools.

On her Facebook page, she said she has pushed for transparency, fought for equity and helped lead efforts to repaint and install new carpet, lighting, cafeterias and music rooms at four North Minneapolis schools.

She was an opponent of the Comprehensive District Design, questioning how it would help North Minneapolis students.

El-Amin has been president of the North High School Polar Parent organization and is a current member of the school’s site council. She says on her website that there is a need for more staff, resources and parent involvement in schools and that she’ll focus on accountability and transparency.

She is also calling for vocational training and said decisions should be made with consideration to how they will affect future generations of students.

Felder was endorsed by the Minneapolis DFL and has also been endorsed by the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers. El-Amin has an endorsement from Attorney General Keith Ellison and civil rights attorney Nekima Levy Armstrong.

KerryJo Felder
KerryJo Felder

KerryJo Felder (DFL-endorsed)

Occupation: Education organizer

Priorities: Full-service community schools, retention of teachers of color, high-quality curriculum

Fundraising: No data available on the Hennepin County website

Sharon El-Amin
Sharon El-Amin

Sharon El-Amin

Occupation: Business owner (retired)

Priorities: Holding stakeholders accountable, community resources to support schools, transparency, innovation during the COVID-19 pandemic

Fundraising: $1,300 between Jan. 1 and July 28