Man robbed at gunpoint in Linden Hills

An 18-year-old man was robbed at gunpoint in Linden Hills over two pairs of valuable shoes on July 19, police say.

Two suspects stole two pairs of shoes worth about $2,550 from the victim while wielding an automatic handgun, according to a Minneapolis police report. The robbery occurred at 38th & Chowen at around 6:30 p.m. on July 19. The victim knew both suspects involved in the robbery, according to the report. The suspects were reportedly driving a black Saturn sedan. The case remains under investigation, according to MPD spokesperson Sgt. Darcy Horn.

A relative of the victim told the Southwest Journal the robbery took place in what was set up as a high-end clothing purchase.

Fifth Precinct Inspector Amelia Huffman said people arranging online sales transactions in Southwest are welcome to come to the 5th Precinct parking lot at Lake & Nicollet to make exchanges. If not near law enforcement, she advises meeting in public, well-lit spaces for those transactions.

“There’s certainly the possibility of robbery or theft cases when people meet up for a buy and sell,” she said.

What makes this case different is that the victim knew the suspects.

“It’s certainly a unique set of circumstances here,” Huffman said.

That victim’s relative posted about the incident on Nextdoor, prompting two other commenters to write that they would “take care” of the suspects if their identities were made available. MPD does not have access to Nextdoor, Huffman said. Although police take threat reports seriously, such reports are typically made between people who know each other, she said, not based on online comments.

There was one other aggravated robbery reported in Southwest July 19, according to MPD’s crime map. That incident took place near 55th & Oliver in Fulton. It is unknown if there is any connection between the incidents at this time.