Park Board establishes its power to rename roads

The Park Board is likely to change the name of West Calhoun Parkway and other roads under its control that bear the name "Calhoun." Photo by Zac Farber

The Park Board approved an ordinance on April 2 establishing its power to change the names of the streets under its control, a move likely to result in new titles for parkways still bearing the name “Calhoun” near Bde Maka Ska.

“We’re not voting on any name change right now, we’re voting on the ordinance,” said Commissioner Londel French (At Large).

The ordinance will allow the Park Board to change the name of any of its 42 parkways and other streets with a six-commissioner majority vote.

Commissioner Meg Forney (At Large) acknowledged “the elephant in the room” that the ordinance means the names of Calhoun Drive and East and West Calhoun Parkway are likely to change. An amendment proposed by Forney requires the Park Board to mirror city practices of community engagement for any street renaming process.

“This guy was a bad guy and we need to change the name,” French said. “It’s that simple.”