Community mourns Studio 2 founder David Hussman

David Hussman pictured with Andrien Thomas in 2014 at Studio 2.

David Hussman, co-owner of Studio 2 at 46th & Bryant, guitarist in the ’80s metal band Slave Raider and founder of the local tech company DevJam, died Aug. 18 at age 56.

Faced with terminal lung cancer, he said in a mid-August tweet that he’ll “try to go out as he came in. Naked and folksy.”

At Studio 2, Hussman hosted hack-a-thons, “jam sessions” and other community events. He worked with clients ranging from Disney to Boston Scientific, CaringBridge and Harley-Davidson.

“Let’s build stuff that makes the world a better place,” he said in an interview on the Behavioral Grooves podcast in May. “It doesn’t have to be the coolest thing. But you know, the things that make someone’s life easier, makes someone smile. That’s what I want to be involved in.”

David Hussman

He told the Developer on Fire podcast he initially thought his cancer diagnosis was wrong — he had too much to do.

Hussman“When someone tells you you have an incurable disease, you start very much taking stock in like, What am I doing, how much significance does it have?” he said.

He sold DevJam to focus on new fulfilling projects. He brainstormed with staff at Leonardo’s Basement on how to get kids excited to learn technology, thinking about crash courses in tech like JavaScript.

DevJam shares a sample of Hussman’s work, and his reading list, at