Goodman wins again

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Council Member Lisa Goodman is heading into her sixth council term after receiving 52 percent of first-choice votes.

Candidate Janne Flisrand followed with 31 percent of first-choice ballots, with Teqen Zéa-Aida taking 9.8 percent and Joe Kovacs taking 6.6 percent.

Goodman ran a campaign that focused on her experience, efficiency and effort to bridge the gap between budgetary constraints and progressive goals. Goodman said she’s eternally grateful for the support in a Facebook post.

“Being an elected official isn’t easy, but talking to thousands of people over this last year has allowed me to feel as though my service over the past 20 years has been appreciated, and I’m excited to serve the 7th Ward for four more,” she said. “…And though we may disagree, I will take to heart the conversations I’ve had throughout this election and carry them forward. I love this job and am honored to be chosen to do it. Serving others has been my calling and I have so much more to do on the city council to make Minneapolis a better place for everyone.”

Goodman raised $191,230 between January 2014 and Oct. 24, according to campaign filings.

Runner-up Flisrand raised $82,824 between January 2016 and Oct. 24, according to campaign filings. In a Facebook post, Flisrand said her campaign knocked on nearly 20,000 doors.


“Together, we gave the people of Ward 7 a real choice for the first time in decades. I may not have received the most votes tonight, but I am damn proud of what we all did together over the last year,” she said.

Zéa-Aida said in a post that while he may have lost, he succeeded in what he set out to do.

Sybil Luft, who cast her vote for Goodman at Westminster Presbyterian Church in downtown, said she had no strong feelings in the City Council race but felt downtown was “on a good trend” and credited the incumbent’s leadership. Lorraine Carcamo, who moved to Minneapolis from San Francisco about a year ago, also voted for Goodman on the maxim “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

— Dylan Thomas contributed to this report