Andrea Jenkins sees decisive, historic win in 8th Ward

Andrea Jenkins arrives at her election night party.

Andrea 5With 73 percent of first-choice votes, Andrea Jenkins became the nation’s first African American transgender woman elected to a major city’s council.

“Wow,” Jenkins said, greeting supporters and family members at her election night party at Curran’s Restaurant.

“I love you, I love this community, I love this city. Guess what, if I take a knee before I play a football game, I love this country,” she said.

Jenkins said she plans to fight for justice and fight for the most marginalized people. The city needs affordable health care, affordable housing and police accountability, she said.

Jenkins urged her supporters to continue showing up and keep her abreast of community issues.

“If we want to see change in this community, it’s not going to come just from me,” she said.

Outgoing Council Member Elizabeth Glidden said she expects Jenkins to “change this city, and honestly change this nation.”

Andrea 4

Jenkins said in a statement that the days of being marginalized are over.

“We don’t just want a seat at the table—we want to set the table,” reads the statement. “At a time in our history when the federal government is undermining the progress that has been made in women’s rights, access to health care, immigrant rights, disability rights, LGBT rights, we must stand up and fight back. Cities are the frontline of defense in these efforts, and I am proud to do this work.”

Andrea Jenkins' supporters watch election results roll in.
Andrea Jenkins’ supporters watch election results roll in.

Jenkins’ Green Party challenger Terry White received 12.8 percent of first-choice votes and congratulated Jenkins in a Facebook post.

Libertarian candidate David Holsinger voiced frustration after seeing 41 percent of second-choice votes cast for April Kane, a DFL candidate who did not run an active campaign.

“A non-existent Democrat almost won out over a Green who campaigned his ass off,” Holsinger said on Facebook. “…Thanks to the voters of Minneapolis for being 100% tribal and voting for a non-existent paper candidate, who almost beat a Green who spent close to $10k and had a massive door-to-door operation.”