More homes eligible for plane noise mitigation

Image courtesy of Council Member Linea Palmisano

Nearly 300 homes near Lake Harriet and Minnehaha Parkway recently became eligible for mitigation packages to quiet airplane noise.

Options include central air and new windows for homes that experience average plane noise levels of 60 decibels for three consecutive years.

Council Member Linea Palmisano said the primary driver of the change is an increase in nighttime flights between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m., which are weighted more heavily in noise calculations.

“It only takes a small number of these flights to make a big impact on average noise,” she said in a statement.

Nighttime arrivals on one runway over Southwest Minneapolis, for example, have fluctuated between 12-18 flights in the past five years, she said.

“So, it is not necessarily a huge increase in terms of numbers, but it has a big impact on the model, and it has a big impact on people’s lives,” she said.

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Palmisano said the airport is increasingly using a “mixed flow” model that routes arrivals and departures away from Minneapolis during slower traffic periods, typically before the morning rush and in the evening.

The Metropolitan Airports Commission recently launched an interactive reporting tool that provides an overview of operations, complaints and sound monitoring.