Bikeways on 26th and 28th streets set for summer construction

Image courtesy of City of Minneapolis

Extended bikeways are coming to 26th and 28th streets between Hennepin and Portland.

The new signage, striping and bollard delineators are slated for the upcoming construction season, and the city is looking for community feedback to refine the design.

The project extends bikeways completed in 2015 that stretch from Hiawatha to Portland.

Both 26th and 28th streets have seen declining traffic volumes from 2000-2015, according to the city, and all intersections are expected to operate at a similar or better level of service.

The proposed changes involve reducing travel lanes from two to one between Hennepin and Lyndale. The city would take out one lane of on-street parking on 26th between Lyndale and Blaisdell, on 26th between Stevens and Clinton, on 26th between Hennepin and Fremont, and on 28th between Nicollet and 1st. The section of 28th Street between Lyndale and Blaisdell would lose a lane of on-street parking and operate as two lanes only during peak hours.

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Image courtesy of City of Minneapolis

A community meeting on the bikeways is April 6 at 6 p.m. at Lutheran Social Service, 2400 Park Ave. S., Suite 337.

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