Now open: Wesley Andrews

The L-shaped bar at Wesley Andrews was designed to encourage conversation and customer interaction with the cafe’s baristas. Photo by Sheila Regan

Wesley Andrews is open for business on Eat Street, serving up artisan-style coffee and tea in an atmosphere meant to encourage conversation.

Owners Johan Podlewski and Jared Thomson wanted to create teas and coffee of such high quality that people would want to talk about them, Podlweski said. The L-shaped bar encourages people to ask the baristas questions.

“Basically, be ready to try something new,” Podlewski said. “You come in and try something different and talk to your barista.”

You might ask about the large glass contraption you’ll get handed when you order a cup of coffee. It’s called a Phoenix 70, which uses a slow pour method of crafting a cup of coffee.

The shop, located at 111 E. 26th St., also has multiple infusion steeping teas and a Slayer espresso machine, the only one of its kind in Minnesota.

“It works with a flow rate instead of pressure,” Podlewski said. “It has very expansive opportunities to bring out certain flavors that you can’t do with the standard style.”

Beginning next year, Wesley Andrews will be rolling out even more new methods for brewing tea and coffee.

“Basically every other month you can expect something new,” Podlewski said.

“It started out with conversation,” he said. “We wanted to provide a product that people wanted to talk about.”