Police advisory: Sexual assault attempt in CARAG

Police are reporting a sexual assault attempt at 3:30 a.m. Wednesday, March 9 at the 800 block of 32nd Street West.

According to the crime alert, a man approached an adult woman and attempted to talk to her as she was walking on the street. When she did not respond, he reportedly pulled her aside and attempted to sexually assault her. Suspect information is limited, and the incident is under investigation.

Police are reminding residents that sexual assault is never the fault of the victim, and are providing information on risk reduction:

— In Minneapolis, the most common trends in reported sexual assaults and rapes are excessive alcohol use, separation from friends, and being somewhere unfamiliar. Police advise drinking with friends, and if a friend disappears, everyone should track them down.

— Watch drinks closely, as some predators use drugs to force compliance.

— Instincts should be trusted, even if a feeling can’t be explained. Most rape and sexual assault is committed by someone the victim knows.

— If meeting someone initially met online, stay in a public place. Make a plan to check in with a friend throughout the night.

Police are also circulating information on misconceptions about rape, and what to do if it happens.