Nearly 45,000 handgun carry permits issued in 2015

Minnesota sheriffs reported that 44,696 permits to carry handguns were issued in 2015 in the state — up from 41,493 the year before, according to the state’s Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

Hennepin County issued the most permits with 5,818, followed by Anoka County with 3,266.

The state’s law enforcement agencies also reported that individuals with permits to carry committed 1,238 crimes in 2015 — about 75 percent were DWI’s or other traffic offenses, according to the BCA.

Sheriffs also reported denying 736 requests for permits, suspending 14 permits and revoking five.

The state currently has 217,909 valid permits to carry handguns.

People interested in seeking a Minnesota Permit to Carry must apply at their local sheriff’s office and provide proof of approved firearms training. Sheriffs then must conduct background checks before issuing a permit. 


By the numbers: Permits to Carry

(Source: Minnesota BCA)

2015: 44,696 permits issued
2014: 41,493
2013: 60,471
2012: 31,657
2011: 20,772 

Top five counties for five-year permits issued by sheriffs in 2015

1. Hennepin: 5,818
2. Anoka: 3,266
3. Dakota: 2,922
4. Ramsey: 2,767
5. Washington: 2,519