City staff design bikeways for Blaisdell and Nicollet

New bikeways are slated for construction in 2016 on portions of Nicollet and Blaisdell avenues.

A protected bike lane with an eight-foot buffer from traffic would stand on Blaisdell between 31st and 40th streets.

Dedicated bike lanes would be striped on both sides of Nicollet from 40th-61st streets.

In order to install a protected bikeway on Blaisdell, one travel lane would need to be removed. City staff have determined that current and projected traffic would continue in a similar fashion on the roadway, regardless of the lost lane. Turn lanes would be available at signalized intersections including 35th, 36th and 38th.

Protected bikeways are designed to provide more space and comfort to bikers and attract a wider range of cyclists.

On Nicollet Avenue, city staff have determined that dedicated bike lanes would have a minimal impact on eight-foot parking lanes.

Staff are developing the designs with input from city council members and impacted stakeholders.

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