Vacant lot slated to become family garden plot at 59th & Pleasant

A Lynnhurst family is converting a vacant lot at 308 W. 59th St. into an orchard and garden.

The Paulys have previously sold backyard-grown plants at the Fulton and Kingfield Farmers Markets, but Dan Pauly expects to give away most of the produce they grow on Pleasant. The garden will include an orchard, with a focus on historic apple varieties no longer in commercial production. The garden will also include perennials like strawberries and raspberries, and annual vegetables such as heirloom tomatoes and peppers.

“Many of the fruit trees will be grown in the espalier manner popularized on small European farms and yards,” Pauly said. “The edges of the property will contain flower gardens, and will include flowers selected to provide food and shelter for pollinators all season long.”

The land was once part of an oversized lot that has been subdivided, he said.

“I had been watching for a property to come along,” he said. “It’s going to be dynamite.”

Minneapolis adopted new laws in 2012 allowing “market gardens” that grow produce to sell or donate.

The city has approved plans for a storage structure the size of a two-car garage, Pauly said, which could be used as a garage if a house is ever constructed on the property.