Schwarze accused of excessive force in lawsuit

Dustin Schwarze, one of the officers involved in the fatal shooting of Jamar Clark, has been accused of excessive force stemming from an incident four years ago while he was a Richfield police officer.

Nataniel Hanson, a plaintiff in the lawsuit recently moved to federal court, alleges that Schwarze used a Taser on him and threatened to beat him during a traffic stop in Richfield on Dec. 11, 2011. Hanson was a passenger in a car that was stopped by Richfield officers around 2:27 a.m.

According to the complaint, Schwarze performed field sobriety tests on the driver of the vehicle. He then told Hanson and another passenger in the car that he would “beat the s*** out of” them while pointing his Taser at Hanson.

Then another officer told them to get out of the car, contradicting Schwarze’s orders.

Another defendant named in the suit, officer Nate Kinsey allegedly punched Hanson in the face and then officers pulled him out of the car. Then Schwarze allegedly used his Taser on Hanson, delivering three drive stuns (a mode used as a pain compliance tool).

Hanson was later convicted of failing to wear a seatbelt — a petty misdemeanor, according to Hennepin County Court records.

In addition to Schwarze and Kinsey, Aric Gallatin, who was also a Richfield officer at the time of the incident, is named as a defendant in the lawsuit.

In addition to excessive force, Hanson is accusing the defendants of false arrest. The lawsuit is seeking more than $50,000 in damages.