Police report attempted luring of school kids

Witnesses reported a man near 26th & Pleasant offering to give kids rides to the nearby elementary school at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 3.

According to the police advisory: Witnesses said the man tried to pick up two junior high-age girls in an older green SUV. When the girls refused, he offered a ride to two other little girls. A witness warned people in the area that the man was trying to coax kids into his car, and the man drove off.

Police said no one was harmed in the incident. Police described the man as African American, approximately age 40, with short hair.

Police recommend alerting others to suspicious behavior, as witnesses did in this case.

Anyone with information on the case can use the free MPD Tip 411 app, or text MPD plus the tip to 847411 (Tip 411).