Lyndale neighborhood students send experiments to International Space Station

Credit: Lyndale resident Grace Kline Kirkpatrick. Submitted image

Three Lyndale neighborhood students who attend Minnehaha Academy are working on experiments headed for the International Space Station.

Grace Kline Kirkpatrick’s team is studying vibration cancellation in microgravity. Vibrations on the Space Station caused by astronauts or mechanical equipment can impact high-resolution equipment on board.

“We’re trying to figure out a way to dampen those vibrations,” she said. “We’re still working on our design.”

Another team is studying the effects of light on the direction of plant growth in space.

The Applied Research and Engineering class is an elective for students. Kline Kirkpatrick said she heard about the program from older classmates on her Cross Country team — unfortunately, last year’s project was lost in a rocket explosion. This is the fourth year that Minnehaha Academy has developed projects for the space station.

“I’ve definitely learned that teamwork is important,” Kline Kirkpatrick said. “You come up with ideas together you wouldn’t come up with on your own.”

Two other Lyndale neighborhood students involved in the project are William Ten Eyck Anema and John Ennis McGillivray.