Harassment and assault of woman reported in Whittier

A woman told police she was walking near the 2400 block of Pleasant Avenue South at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 13 when two men approached and started harassing her.

According to the police advisory: The men walked beside the woman for a block, harassing her for attention and information. The woman ignored them, and one of them pushed her, causing her to stumble. The other man grabbed her outside her clothing in a private area. The men walked away, and the woman was not otherwise injured.

“We have heard concerns of street harassment from women in Whittier and nearby Stevens Square,” police said. “This is the first known reported incident of this specific behavior, with the woman additionally being grabbed.”

Police said they are not announcing suspect descriptions, in part “because they are not detailed enough to identify a person from a crowd and could cause innocent people to be considered.”

“…Street harassment is done by many people so the behavior itself should be watched for and addressed,” police said.

Police remind residents to call 911 for suspicious activity, which includes witnessing someone else being harassed on the street. Witnesses should provide detailed suspect descriptions, vehicle descriptions and license plate numbers, if possible.

Survivors of sexual violence, including street harassment, can receive help and counseling through the Sexual Violence Center and its 24-hour crisis line at 871-5111.