Cool Planet co-directors in Paris for climate talks

Paul Thompson and Mindy Ahler, co-directors of Cool Planet, a local group focused on solutions to climate change, are in Paris through mid-December for the climate talks.

The overarching goal of the UN climate talks is to create a universal agreement among countries to keep global warming under 2 degrees Celsius.

They are part of the Citizens’ Voice media team with the Pathway to Paris coalition (, a global organizing project from Citizens’ Climate Lobby and Citizens’ Climate Education. The goal of the group is to expand direct citizen and stakeholder engagement in the intergovernmental climate negotiating process.

Thompson and Ahler will be focused on interviewing delegates, people on the street and climate activists around the world, among others, while in Paris. People can tune into to watch interviews.

Thompson has attended three other climate conferences in Copenhagen, Cancun and Durban.

“Governments aren’t going to make these changes happen, it’s the citizen push that creates the political will,” he said. “We are running out of time with our climate, it’s time for new people to step up in a big way to build the momentum that will generate a true global movement to deal with saving our species.”

Thompson and Ahler will also join local Citizens’ Climate Lobby chapters via video conference on Saturday, Dec. 5. The meeting will be held in the community room of the Lunds & Byerlys store in St. Louis Park at 11:45 a.m.