Church for sale at 58th & Wentworth


Southview Seventh-Day Adventist Church is outgrowing its building at 5750 Wentworth Ave., and the congregation is looking for a new home in the area with more space and more parking.

After a few months on the market, buyer interest has come from churches, an arts organization and even a craft brewery. The site is zoned “R1A,” a residential district.

Victor Pechaty, chair of the church facilities steering committee, estimated that the church has grown from about 300 to 500 members in the past 15 years. When the sanctuary was built in the early 1900s, he said, it was designed as a neighborhood church where people walked a couple of blocks to worship. Today it’s a commuter church, and cars are plugging up residential streets.

The search for the right size building with the right amount of parking may take some time, Pechaty said.

“We love Southwest Minneapolis, and we’d like to stay as close to our location as possible,” he said.