Artist completes new mural at Calhoun Square

Credit: Artist Stacia Goodman installs a new mural and community bulletin board at Calhoun Square. Photo by Michelle Bruch

A new mosaic mural at Calhoun Square incorporates bike reflectors, bottle caps and upcycled restaurant letters from Hunt & Gather that spell “What’s Uptown.”

The pieces were collected by Cedar-Isles-Dean artist Stacia Goodman, who The Ackerberg Group commissioned to build a big community bulletin board next to Sox Appeal.

“I don’t have any mirrors left in my house,” she said. “I keep taking them down for projects.”

She created the mural in sections at her garage studio, laid out the sections on her driveway, then climbed a ladder to see the full design.

“It ends up being thousands of pieces,” she said.

At Calhoun Square, passers-by paused in late September to watch Goodman apply 200 pounds of grout to the mural.

“People stop in their tracks and say, ‘Oh, cool,'” she said. “It’s been neat to see people stop and watch.”