Advocates plan ‘No Fly Day’ rally

A group of activists focused on airplane noise is planning a rally at the Lake Harriet Band Shell on Saturday, Oct. 24.

“No Fly Day” is anticipated to be a national event, according to the MSP FairSkies Coalition, with protests also planned in Boston, Phoenix, Seattle, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Los Angeles and San Diego.

At issue is a Federal Aviation Administration plan to consolidate flight tracks at airports across the country, a move designed to improve safety and efficiency in air traffic control. In Minneapolis, the plan became controversial as homeowners learned they could fall under “super-highways” in the sky. The FAA subsequently delayed full implementation of the plan at MSP Airport.

The local Metropolitan Airports Commission recently voted to defer adopting a long-term planning document while staff evaluate changes in runway use, a decision promoted by some residents and the city of Minneapolis.

Speakers at the rally will include State Rep. Frank Hornstein, Metropolitan Council member Cara Letofsky and Council Members Linea Palmisano and John Quincy.

The rally runs from 11 a.m.-1 p.m.