Jogger reports early morning sexual assault near Lake Harriet

A woman recently reported to police that she was running around Lake Harriet at 5:30 a.m. Sept. 8 when a man ran up behind her and grabbed her buttocks.

The incident occurred near West Lake Harriet Parkway & Sheridan Avenue South, according to police. The suspect chased her for a moment until she began to scream, police said, and the suspect ran off in a different direction.

Police described the suspect as a clean-shaven white male age 40-50, about 5 feet nine inches tall, with blond-grey or white hair and an athletic build.

Police advise joggers to be aware of surroundings, look alert and confident, and make brief eye contact with other people. If you are being followed on foot, police suggest heading to the nearest busy public place and looking back at the person to demonstrate awareness. If approached, police suggest drawing attention by using loud verbal commands or a screech alarm.