Citywide organics carts roll out Monday

31,000 have signed up for the composting program, the city reports

The first of the roughly 31,000 Minneapolitans who signed up for the citywide organics recycling program get their new carts on Monday morning.

Residents of the 900 block of Main Street N.E. are scheduled to get delivery of the green organics carts shortly after 7 a.m. Monday. Others in the first phase of delivery can expect their carts to arrive sometime between Monday and Sept. 18.

About a quarter of the city is included in the first phase. A second phase of the rollout is slated for the spring.

The citywide program follows several organics recycling pilots in Minneapolis neighborhoods. A precursor to this new curbside pickup program was introduced in Linden Hills in 2008, expanding later to East Calhoun and then six other neighborhoods in South Minneapolis.

More recently, the city opened organics drop-off sites for residents living outside of those pilot neighborhoods.

Only those who request an organics cart get one, but paying for the composting program isn’t optional. Annual solid waste and recycling fees were hiked $48 per household to cover the program’s costs. Those costs include the organics carts and eight new collection vehicles.

Those who haven’t already signed up can request a cart by calling 673-2917 (8 a.m.–4:30 p.m. Monday–Friday) or emailing [email protected] To read more about citywide organics recycling, go to