Study underway to analyze West Lake Station-area travel

A transportation study is underway as part of preparations for Southwest Light Rail.

Borders of the study are Dean Parkway/Cedar Lake Avenue, West 32nd Street, East Lake Calhoun Parkway and France Avenue.

The study is designed to highlight transportation problems in advance of light rail construction. It will guide intersection and roadway modifications anticipated for the West Lake LRT Station area. The station would stand behind Whole Foods, south of Lake Street.

The study asks people how safe they feel biking and walking in the area. It asks how they anticipate getting to the West Lake station, and how often they plan to ride the train.

People have the opportunity to rate potential barriers to biking and walking, such as sidewalk width, long pedestrian crossings, discomfort with available bikeways, wintertime trail conditions, poor bus shelters or infrequent transit. The survey also covers potential problems for drivers, rating factors such as long wait times at lights, turning difficulties, erratic or high-speed driving, and confusing intersections.

The city of Minneapolis is leading the study, which is part of the city’s memorandum of understanding negotiated with the Metropolitan Council.

An interactive map allows people to highlight their routes and illustrate current areas of difficulty. The map is available at

Visit the project page for more information on the study and survey.