Lake Harriet Spiritual Community meets Kickstarter goal for restoration

Lake Harriet Spiritual Community successfully crowdfunded more than $10,000 to rehab the building, with most of the money appearing in the final days of the campaign.

“It was a roller coaster ride for us,” said Gary Perisian, council president of Lake Harriet Spiritual Community. “It was an emotional week.”

Church members had been grieving the sudden death of Victor Saraceno, age 44. He had studied historic architecture and loved the building, Perisian said, and he wanted to help restore the building. Saraceno set up the Kickstarter campaign, though he didn’t see its conclusion.

Two days before the Kickstarter deadline, with just over $2,000 raised, Perisian said the project suddenly received a $3,500 donation from a single donor who lives in the neighborhood and likes the building.

The board subsequently decided to chip in another $2,000.

“We wanted to do this for Victor,” he said. “We kicked in the extra money to make people see the goal was in sight.”