American Ninja Warrior contestant teaches “super powers for every girl”

Credit: Submitted image

Champion kickboxer Lisa Van Ahn just finished shooting American Ninja Warrior, beating out 40,000 other applicants to appear on the NBC show.

“The exposure alone is going to be huge for I Am Initiative,” said Van Ahn, referring to her year-old program that teaches young women self-defense and self-love.

I Am Initiative is holding more events this year: Kickboxing classes, a four-day retreat for 6th-7th graders at Calhoun Beach Club, a mini-retreat for 3rd-5th graders at Barre Bliss in Uptown, and a one-day getaway for mothers called “Super Powers for Every Mom.”

Van Ahn traditionally teaches young girls through groups like the Girl Scouts, but said it’s important to train their mothers as well.

“They’re around their moms every day,” she said. “They’re going to end up living what is demonstrated to them on a daily basis.”

The mom’s retreat includes yoga and speakers on topics like self-care and organization. Van Ahn said it’s common for women to second-guess their guts and become victimized by saying yes to too many tasks.

“You have a choice, and you need to take care of yourself,” she said.

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