Minneapolis named No. 1 healthiest city

Minneapolis topped Livability.com’s list of the ten healthiest cities.

The site, which explores issues related to livability such as walkability, cultural amenities, transportation, etc., put the City of Lakes at the top spot due to its park system, County Healthcare Rankings and health care spending. 

The site noted that Minneapolis’ park system covers nearly 17 percent of the city, fewer than 14 percent of residents smoke in Hennepin County and more than 87 percent of residents participate in physical activities on a regular basis.

Staff also looked at cities’ adult obesity rates, the percent of residents with access to healthy food, number of hospitals and the ratio of doctors to residents. A city’s ability to promote healthy living through farmers markets, parks and man-made amenities was also important.

“The link between cities and health is increasingly clear,” editor Matt Carmichael said in a statement. “It’s not enough to have a great hospital to take care of you when you’re sick. The city itself can help you lead a healthier life.”

Despite Minneapolis’ claim to fame, the state also suffers from some of the most significant health disparities across race, ethnicity and geography regarding health status and incidence of chronic disease in the country, according to a MN Community Measurement report released earlier this year. The Minnesota Department of Health also reported to the Legislature last year that persistent health disparities still plague the state. 


Top 10 Healthiest Cities, 2015

  1. Minneapolis, Minn.
  2. Cambridge, Mass.
  3. Madison, Wis.
  4. Miami, Fla.
  5. Bridgeport, Conn.
  6. Arlington, Va.
  7. Santa Ana, Calif.
  8. Honolulu, Hawaii
  9. Fort Collins, Colo.
10. Yonkers, N.Y.