Diamond Lake neighbors rally support for car accident victim

Credit: Photo by Mary Hanson Photography

When a new Diamond Lake neighbor was broadsided in a car accident April 4 at 56th Street & 13th Avenue, her neighbors quickly took action, though many hadn’t met her yet. One person set up a plan to send over meals, another helped arrange to get a rental car, and others watched her three boys while she was in the hospital with a broken jaw.

When neighbors learned that neither driver in the accident had insurance, they set up a fundraiser on gofundme.com to help raise money for a new car. They met the $400 goal in two days, and shut down fundraising when the total hit $1,165. Many of the 45 donors chipped in about $20 apiece.

The accident happened right before the neighborhood Easter egg hunt, said Mary Kadrie, who set up the gofundme account. Kadrie said all of her neighbors get together once a month — even in winter — so the kids can play and the adults can socialize.

“My neighborhood is really tight,” she said. “It’s a great neighborhood.”