Twin Cities lead country on Winter Bike to Work Day

Credit: Winter Bike to Work Day

The Twin Cities lead the country in pledges to the International Winter Bike to Work Day event this Friday.

Winter Bike to Work Day, now in its third year, is an annual event celebrating commuters’ commitment to biking. This year, Friday, Feb. 13 is Winter Bike to Work Day.

As of Monday, Minneapolis and St. Paul lead the country with 165 people–and growing–who have pledged to ride to work Friday. Cold-weather countries Finland, Croatia, Russia and Canada fill the top five cities. Anchorage, Alaska also made the top 10. 

Nearly 5,000 riders have pledged to ride to work so far. To participate, riders can pledge on the event’s website and simply bike to work Friday. Organizers also ask why bikers choose to ride in winter and to share their stories. 

It should come as no surprise that the Twin Cities should rank on a list of top cities for winter biking. Minneapolis’ Freewheel Midtown Bike Center hosts the annual Winter Bike Expo. The Twin Cities also host several winter bike races, such as the nationally recognized Stupor Bowl.

The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition is hosting a slow-paced ride on Friday from City Hall, located at 350 Fifth St. S., to the Midtown Global Market. Once there, Eastlake Craft Brewery will give riders $1 off tap beers.


Top 10 (as of Feb. 9)

1. Oulu, Finland – 281
2. Zagreb, Croatia – 270
3. St. Petersburg, Russia – 239
4. Montreal, Canada – 222
5. Calgary, Canada – 178
6. Minneapolis-St. Paul, USA – 165
7. Edmonton, Canada – 143
8. Winnipeg, Canada – 136
9. Stockholm, Sweden – 124
10. Anchorage, USA – 123