A neighborhood honeybee hive

The Kingfield Neighborhood Association (KFNA) will install a rooftop honeybee hive at 3754 Pleasant Ave. S.

Two other hives stand within two blocks of the building.

“This is something a lot of the neighbors are very familiar with already,” said KFNA Executive Director Sarah Linnes-Robinson.

Board members are brainstorming creative ways to use the new hive as an educational tool.

“The other primary goal is to get more bees into the city,” Linnes-Robinson said.

According to the University of Minnesota Bee Lab, honeybees are in decline due to pesticides, habitat loss, bee diseases and parasites. The Lab asks residents to plant abundant bee-friendly flowers like the sunflower, stiff goldenrod, purple coneflower and wild geranium.

KFNA is paying $1,200 to set up the hive infrastructure and order two boxes of bees.

The neighborhood group also operates as the fiscal agent for the beehive on top of City Hall.