Sunflower seeds delivered to East Calhoun residents

Inspired by Lucia’s sunflower seed distribution on Valentine’s Day, the East Calhoun Community Organization has hand-delivered fliers to every household in the neighborhood and left seed packets outside apartment buildings.

“We’re encouraging people to think of the big world view of how do pollinators survive?” said Linda Todd, president of the East Calhoun Community Organization. “If nothing else, this will begin to educate people about some of the toxins that are used that make it difficult for bees and other pollinators to survive.”

Pesticides that kill insects or weedy flowers can be harmful to bees, according to the University of Minnesota’s Bee Lab. The Lab says bee populations are in decline due to overuse of pesticides, a lack of bee flowers, and numerous bee diseases.

Bachman’s donated 1,000 seed packets for the cause.

“Even if people cast them to the wind, we may have quite a few of them,” Todd said.