New homes near Lake Harriet may become eligible for plane noise mitigation

Blocks shown in red are completely new to the airport's noise mitigation program. Credit:

More than 200 homes and apartments in Minneapolis are now sitting underneath air traffic loud enough that the homes could someday access airport-funded noise mitigation.

The Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) recently released a report detailing actual noise levels documented in 2013. It showed that 137 single-family homes and 89 multi-family homes located southeast of Lake Harriet are eligible for more noise mitigation measures if their blocks remain at this noise level for two more years. Some of those homes were already eligible for about $3,200 to pay for things like insulation and storm windows, and now they have until July 31 to file claims. Eighteen single-family houses and 89 multi-family units are completely new to the program.

The houses represent the western edge of a noise contour map that shows where plane noise averages 60 decibels each day.