Dog attacks and kills another dog at MLK Park

An apparent pit bull/boxer mix attacked and killed another dog at Martin Luther King Park April 20 at about 7 p.m., police reported.

Nicollet Ace Hardware owners Julene Lind and Steve Rosch were out walking their three dogs and encountered a woman with a baby and three small children who were crossing the pedestrian bridge over I-35W. A young boy in the group was holding the pit bull mix on a leash, Lind said, and when the dog spotted her small Papillon, it started running and ripped the leash out of the boy’s hand.

“The little boy couldn’t hold him,” she said.

Lind said the other dog owner watched without calling the dog’s name or attempting to stop the attack. Lind and Rosch managed to release their dog, she said, and Rosch was bit on the upper forearm.

“You could see where all the teeth marks penetrated his skin,” she said.

Rosch ran home with their dog, and Lind called 911. She said the other owner declined to share her information and refused to wait for police. But the little boy apologized, she said.

“He said, ‘I’m really sorry my dog hurt your dog,'” Lind said.

Their Papillon, Ziggy, died as Rosch was rushing him home.

Lind said they moved into Kingfield two years ago, and in that time, they have often worried for their small dogs’ safety. They see other dogs off-leash at King Park, Lind said, which usually prompts them to leave the area.

“I feel we did our dog a disservice by moving into this neighborhood, because it’s not safe,” Lind said.

Lind also said she is concerned about the pit bull breed’s training.

“This was a family dog,” she said. “People do not know what they have.”

Lind said that if the dog is found, Animal Control would impound the dog and do an evaluation, resulting in a financial penalty for the owners. If the dog was released back to the owners, Lind said she is concerned about how Animal Control would enforce any potential rules to muzzle the dog or keep it in the yard at all times.

Given the incident happened on Easter Sunday, she said, it’s possible the other family doesn’t live nearby.

“My biggest fear is that the dog was visiting, and we’re never going to find it,” she said.

The couple described the attacking dog as 60 pounds, tan with a white neck, and wearing a harness. They described the owner as an African American woman, between age 30 and 50, with a baby in a carrier, two girls ages 4-6 and one boy around age 8. The woman reportedly left to the east over the footbridge and turned north.

Anyone with information can contact Animal Control at 370-1434.