Zero waste forum set for March 20

City leaders are holding a zero waste forum March 20, 6–8 p.m., at Walker Community United Methodist Church, 3104 16th Ave. S.

Congressman Keith Ellison, state Rep. Frank Hornstein, Mayor Betsy Hodges and several City Council members will be in attendance to discuss ways to reduce the amount of garbage the city generates.

Hodges unveiled a vision for a zero-waste Minneapolis on the campaign trail during an August press conference outside the county’s garbage burner. She pointed to San Francisco, Seattle and Austin as leaders Minneapolis should take cues from in recycling. 

“Zero Waste policy creates a win-win-win for Minneapolis,” she said at the August press conference. “Less trash-burning means less money spent, fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and better use of our valuable land. Reusing and recycling our goods means cheaper materials and products for the community. The reuse and recycling process means substantial job creation for Minneapolis residents —  jobs that are to a certain extent paid for by the materials they divert from Minneapolis’ incinerator.”

Hennepin County also recently passed a resolution mandating that Minneapolis create a citywide organics recycling program by early 2015.