Crime Prevention Specialist moves on

5th Precinct Crime Prevention Specialist Amy Lavender is taking a new position as an intelligence analyst with the Minneapolis Police Department.


A former 911 dispatcher, Lavender worked for five years as CPS, a position that serves as a community liaison for police.


“I’m proud of everything that we do here,” she said.


Lavender said police have made great strides in the Somali community.


“The difference in the meetings now compared to two-and-a-half years ago is like night and day,” she said. “Before we were simply just giving out information. … Now, they know they can come to us and ask questions, and they won’t get in trouble for it. We’ve worked really hard to build up that trust with the police.”


Lavender said she’s also proud of the ongoing work to organize block clubs and promote community.


“I believe that being a block leader and having organized blocks will definitely reduce crime,” she said.


Her last day was Jan. 10, and police said they would find a replacement for her. The interim contact is John Reed at or 673-5579.